Karan Sehgal Car & Bike Collection with Price

Are you a big fan of Karan Sehgal’s Vlogs & want to know about the Karan Sehgal Car Collection & Karan Sehgal Bike Collection also. So you are at the right blog post. Here we have mentioned the Car & Bike Collection of Karan Sehgal with Price.

Who is Karan Sehgal?

Karan Sehgal is Youtuber who uploads daily vlogs on his youtube channel “Karan Sehgal” which has more than 850K Subscribers on his youtube channel.

Karan started his youtube channel in 2017 & he uploaded his first video on 22 May 2017. He has bought a lot of cars with his youtube money, so we will know about Karan Sehgal Car Collection.

Karan Sehgal Car Collection

Karan Sehgal has 4 cars in his garage at this time. He loves SUVs & powerful cars because he usually does off-roading.

Here is a list of Karan Sehgal Cars:

Sr. No. Cars of Karan Sehgal Price of the Cars(Approximate)
1. Mercedes Benz E Class Rs. 86.81 Lakhs
2. Toyota Fortuner 4×4 Rs. 48.86 Lakhs
3. Mahindra XUV 700 Rs. 25.40 Lakhs
4. Mahindra Scorpio N 4×4 Rs. 27.60 Lakhs

Mercedes Benz E Class

Karan Sehgal Car Collection

Mercedes Benz E Class is the first luxury car in the car collection of Karan Sehgal. The price of Karan’s Mercedes Benz E Class is approx Rs. 86.81 Lakhs. The color of his E Class is Selenite Grey.

Highlights of Mercedes Benz E Class

  • Mercedes Benz E Class is an amazing-looking car with the most premium interior & comfortable seating.
  • It has a 3.0 L Turbocharged Diesel engine that puts out a max power of 255 bhp & max torque of 620 Nm.
  • It comes with a 9-speed Automatic transmission & it also has paddle shifters.

Toyota Fortuner 4×4

Karan Sehgal Car Collection

Toyota Fortuner is the most popular & reputed car in India. Fortuner is the recently bought car in Karan Sehgal car collection. Karan’s Fortuner looks amazing with a few modifications. The price of the Explore the unseen 2.0 Fortuner price is approx Rs. 48.86 Lakhs.

Highlights of Toyota Fortuner

  • Toyota Fortuner has an amazing road presence & it has a 4×4 all-wheel drive option.
  • Toyota Fortuner has an overall length of 4795 mm, width of 1855 mm & height of 1835 mm.
  • Fortuner is powered by a 2.8L Turbocharged diesel engine that puts out a max power of 201 bhp & max torque of 500 Nm.

Mahindra XUV 700

Karan Sehgal Car Collection

Karan Sehgal also has a car Mahindra XUV 700 which is a premium SUV by Mahindra. It looks amazing in blue color. The price of the Karan Sehgal’s XUV 700 is approx Rs. 25.40 Lakhs.

Highlights of Mahindra XUV 700

  • Mahindra XUV 700 is the latest launched 7-seater premium SUV car that looks sleek & masculine.
  • Mahindra XUV 700 has a length of 4695 mm, a width of 1890 mm & height of 1755 mm.
  • Mahindra XUV 700 is powered by a 2.0L Turbocharged petrol engine that puts out a max power of 197 bhp & max torque of 380 Nm.
  • XUV 700 is a car of Mahindra that is fully loaded with features such as Cruise Control, Voice Command & 360 View Cameras.
  • XUV 700 has got an excellent 5-star GNCAP Crash Test Rating that proves the build quality & safety features.

Mahindra Scorpio N 4×4

Car Collection of Karan Sehgal

Mahindra Scorpio N also has a place in Karan Sehgal car collection. The price of Karan’s Scorpio N is approx Rs. 27.60 Lakhs. He has modified his Scorpio N.

Highlights of Mahindra Scorpio N

  • Karan Sehgal owns a diesel engine automatic 4×4(all-wheel drive) car which looks amazing in black color.
  • Scorpio N really has the looks of big daddy SUV because it has 4662mm of length, 1917mm of width & 1857mm of height.
  • Scorpio N has a turbocharged 2.2L I4 mHawk 130 diesel engine that puts out a max power of 172 bhp & max torque of 400 Nm.
  • Scorpio N has the best crash test safety rating of 5 stars by Global NCAP.

Karan Sehgal Bike Collection

Karan has only a bike in his car collection & his choice is perfect for having a bike.

BMW S1000 RR

Karan Sehgal Bike

BMW S1000 RR is the latest added bike in the car collection of Karan Sehgal. BMW S1000 RR is a powerful superbike that comes with a price tag of almost Rs. 27.45 Lakhs.

Highlights of BMW S1000 RR

  • The S1000 RR has a liquid-cooled, four-cylinder engine of 999cc that gives it a max power of 206.51 bhp & max torque of 113 Nm. It’s one of the strongest engines you can find in this type of motorcycle.
  • It can go from 0 to 60 mph (0 to 100 km/h) in just three seconds and has a top speed of more than 186 mph (300 km/h).
  • The S1000 RR can connect to your smartphone. This lets you use features like navigation and music while you’re riding.
  • The S1000 RR uses modern electronics and technology to make it even better. It has different riding modes that you can choose from depending on the conditions. It also has features like traction control, quick-shifting, and anti-lock brakes.


Karan Sehgal is running his channel for the past 6 years then he has achieved this position. He worked hard to get all these things.

So, we have finally known about Karan Sehgal car & bike collection. He has made such an amazing car collection. We hope he will do his best in his life.

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